On February 20th 2001, Feyder left the MTM2 SLO team to try his hand at starting his own.
During the thought process, he came up with the name NIR - Nitro Injected Racers.
What was started in MTM2 has grown to 4x4Evo and NFS.

Here's a little background for everyone...
Feyder was first hired on NKA as "Feyder". When he left NKA, he had a mission.
A mission to start his own team, but at the time, he was involved with MTM1 and the community there was small.
Therefore he gave up the idea and ran one tournament race for the MKO team - which he landed them a 3rd place.
Later on he decided to team up with ORW. During this time, when all were quitting, Feyder and MG decided they
would try and make a go of creating another team... but it fell through.
    In 1999 Bruce started running in Monster Truck Madness 2 under just Feyder again. All of a sudden 2 of his good NKA friends,
EvilKarl and Buddie, zm'd him and said "lets start up a team". The team later became known as DTR.
    After a few months, DTR stopped running in MTM2 (after the Marlboro tournament), so he handed in his jacket and went to SLO.
Feyder had made a lot of friends on SLO, as well as from other teams.

But something was still missing...
He hadn't tried to make a team for himself. Needless to say, he handed in his SLO jacket and donned the NIR jacket for the first time.
Jeanie set up a website for Feyder and his newfound team, from which he started hiring friends, and then their friends.
In no time at all, NIR started to grow.
Since then, the team has grown immensely.
    So, welcome all new members! All the originals that helped Feyder start a great thing, including HotRodTom, Baja and Boom..
Thanks for sticking by through it all!

Feyder sends a sincere Thank You to all his friends at:

And to all remaining, current, and future members of NIR... Thank You!


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